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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32

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The Ohio Valley Truth is being set up with Christian athletes in mind. There are 4 main reasons why amateur athletes do not play traditional club sports (like AAU), and therefore are missing out on enhancement and improvement of their skills in the off-season. The four main reasons are:


1. Cost - Most club sports are $1000-$2000 per season
2. Sundays - Most club sports participate in tournaments that are on Sundays, making athletes have to chose sports over Sunday worship times
3. Travel - Most club sports participate in tournaments that travel out of town, out of state, adding additional costs
4. Availability - Most club sports only take the top % of local high school athletes, leaving a large group of athletes with little to no options


The OV Truth is going to take the good things about other amateur clubs, and make it much more affordable and available to athletes who are deserving of an opportunity to improve their skills. Here are the benefits to choosing the OV Truth:

1. Experienced Coaches - All coaches will be highly qualified to teach and instruct skill development
2. Quality Training - All sessions will have a combination of higher level skills and drills, and also some competitive competition 
3. Affordable - The costs of each OV Truth teams are much lower than any other option around
4. Local - All sessions/competitions will be in the SW Ohio Area
5. No Sunday Activity - There will NEVER be an event on a Sunday!
6. Christian atmosphere - All coaches/instructors will be great, positive leaders

So why choose the OV Truth and not just a rec league at a local gym? 

- Great question! And the answer is simple. Rec leagues only give your athletes game experience. So if they are demonstrating poor habits and fundamentals, they will never improve their skills. The OV Truth will mix in quality practice with skill development, proper repetitions, and game experience. 

- For our high school athletes, we will schedule an exposure event and invite local college coaches to come in and see firsthand our players

The OV Truth will offer club sports in: 

    - Girls Volleyball for grades 6th through 12th (March-June)
    - Boys and Girls Basketball for grades 6th through 12th (May-July)
    - Boys and Girls Soccer for grades 6th through 12th (May-July)

If you have any questions, please email: ovtruth@gmail.com


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